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Quick Tips To Select Storage Services in Sydney

For many businesses, moving from one place to another can be very challenging. While moving, families face the fear of the unknown. Subsequently, the thing both families and businesses would be wary is that they lose their belongings. To avoid this, you need to choose the best moving and storage services in your mind.

Situations that demand storage services:

  • When moving to a new house or office – the new building could still be undergoing renovations or final touches.
  • When moving away for a long time.
  • All your belongings may not fit in your new house or office.
  • As you wait for your customer to pick up a huge order of goods.

Choosing storage services


You first and foremost want to store your belongings because you need and treasure them. Therefore, the storage services company you choose needs to offer you top-notch security. At Furniture Freighters, you goods are protected by the best alarm and CCTV systems .The area around the warehouse is patrolled by a reputable security company.

Safe environment

Remember that some of the goods are irreplaceable once destroyed, for example, your glassware items and works of art. Therefore, it is in your interest to ensure that the company offers a clean and pest-free storage environment.

Insurance on Storage Services

Be sure that the company you choose is insured. This is important because a company cannot assure you 100% safety for the goods stored. However, it must assure you that just in case the inevitable happens, you will be compensated fully.

Importance of Experience and Reputation


Almost any person can start and buy all the best equipment to provide warehouse services. However, reputation cannot be bought; it is built. And once built, a company will always work hard to maintain it; you are better off with a reputable company.


Reputation and experience go hand in hand. Furniture Freighters has been in the storage and moving services for 30 years. Consequently, it has everything to lose if it gives you a poor service. Moreover, it is family owned; a poor service would affect the family name too.

Space available and storage facilities

  • Up to 10 cubic meters storage containers.
  • A racking system that provides safe storage for all your glass items, delicate artwork and other such items.
  • Shelving space for arm chairs and seats.

Quality Assurance

For quality assurance, ensure that the company is affiliated to a professional body. Furniture Freighters is a member of Australian Furniture Removers Association. Such professional societies regulate members and also give you a route to channel your complaints. Furthermore,they train all their members on the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Moving Services

A reputable company that offers storage services would also offer you quality removal services. However, you need to ensure that it gives a check-off system that lists all the goods moved. It should also provide pads and other specialized facilities to move your goods safely. Select a company that is conversant on where you want your valued belongings to be taken.



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