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Furniture Freighters Removalist: Tips to Choose a Furniture Removalist

Relocating or moving to a new place is quite challenging most of the time. Dealing with furniture removalist does not have to be a chaotic and difficult process on your moving day. By properly planning your move, you can make the entire furniture removal process a breeze.

Here we are listing few furniture removal tips to make the entire process much easier.

Make access for furniture removalist easy

Whether you live on a busy street or a multi-storey building, you should ensure that the furniture removalists have easy access to your house. If required, you should arrange with caretaker of the building or your neighbours to reserve a lift or extra parking space for the removal date.

Prepare much ahead of time

You should get references and quotations from the furniture removalist well in advance. Aside from that, you must also secure the preferred date for moving in advance.

Proper preparations for packing your belongings are also important. You should make a detailed list of all your belongings and start packing well in advance. If you want, the furniture removalists can also pack your belongings, but they may charge extra for that service.

You should pack all the items to be moved, and keep only essential things unpacked until the last minute. You should avoid packing important documents such medical and personal documents. Aside from that, all documents related to your move should also be kept handy.

Label the boxes

With the help of the list of belongings that you have made, you should label each box or container according to the items in the list. This will help you in controlling the number of containers and you can also locate the items easily if you need to.

Pack your stuff the right way!

It is very important to pack your boxes or containers in a right way. You must ensure that you are not overfilling the containers. While packing your items, keep in mind that human will be carrying the containers and they can even break due to strain.

Fill up the containers and boxes in a proper way just to the top. When containers are not filled properly, there is a risk of their caving in.

Household consumables and food

Household consumable and food that have been opened should be packed only for a short duration, mostly for few hours during the move.

Tools and appliances

All household and garden tools that are driven using petrol or gas should be completely drained well in advance before furniture removalist initiate the move. Similarly, appliances such as fridge, microwave and freezer should be cleaned and completely defrosted. Dish washers and washing machines should be disconnected a day or two in advance and allow them to drain out and dry completely.

Be careful with newspapers

While using old newspapers for packing, you should keep in mind that ink on them usually rubs off. Therefore it is best to use plain paper for wrapping fragile items that have high value.


You can make the move less traumatic for your pets by vacating them first before the actual removal of your belongings by furniture removalists begins.



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