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We’ve put together a list of things you may like to consider when making your next move. This is just a guide to help make things a little easier, for more information, you can download some helpful PDF documents from the AFRA website, we’ve also provided links to AFRA directly on this page.
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1) Collect any items that are being repaired, or have been loaned out, and clothes sent out for cleaning.

2) Arrange for any furniture or possessions that you're not taking with you to be sold or disposed of. Ebay is great.

3) Check your garden shed, under the home and attic to sort out what you want to take with you.

4) Return anything you have borrowed – including library books and videos.

5) Pay any outstanding accounts.

6) Cancel any regular deliveries – milk, spring water, newspapers, periodicals and arrange with Australia Post to have your mail redirected.

7) Contact your insurance company to have the address on your policies changed (esp Home & Contents).

8) Organise final readings for your water, gas and electricity meters, and organise the disconnection of your phone.

9) List the everyday items which you are bound to need prior to, and during your move. Put these items aside so that they are not accidentally packed with your household goods.


Useful documents

For useful documents downloadable directly from the AFRA website, simply click on the links below:
pdfChoosing removalists
pdfCode of conduct
pdfPacking & unpacking
pdfPlanning your removal
pdfIneligible items for removal
pdfPet transportation
pdfDo’s & dont’s
pdfCommon questions
pdf12 important reasons to use an AFRA member
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