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We’ve put together a list of things you may like to consider when making your next move. This is just a guide to help make things a little easier, for more informaiton, you can download some helpful PDF documents from the AFRA website, we’ve also provided links to them directly here on this page on the right.
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1) Empty bins and vacuums, fish tanks, gas bottles etc.

2) Ensure all of your breakables are packed and padded appropriately. You can purchase packing equipment from us or have us pack any special items for you.

3) Arrange for your valuable documents, jewellery, money etc. to be moved separately. These should not be included with household goods when moving and are best kept on your person.

4) Wash and dry all dirty clothes. Any dirty items can attract mould and pests and make for an unpleasant surprise when you unpack.

5) Dispose of flammables such as cleaning fluids, solvents, paints and matches as these items are too dangerous to transport or store. Many local councils provide disposal facilities for such items - do not pour them down the drain.

6) Drain any fuel from your lawn-mower etc.

7) Ensure all jars, bottles and cans containing non-flammable liquids are tightly sealed. Pack these in waterproof containers or plastic bags.

8) Take down any curtains, blinds or lightfittings you intend to take with you.

9) Pull apart and/ or strip beds, swing sets or any other large items that cannot be moved whole (check with us beforehand)

10) Ensure all boxes are packed at an appropriate weight and not overloaded. Our specialized removal cartons are recommended.

11) Backup any important computer files etc to disk and keep them with you as a precaution.

For useful documents downloadable directly from the AFRA website, simply click on the links below:
pdfChoosing a removalist
pdfCode of conduct
pdfPacking & unpacking
pdfPlanning your removal
pdfIneligle items for removal
pdfPet transportation
pdfDo’s & dont’s
pdfCommon questions
pdf12 important reasons to use an AFRA member


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