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We’ve put together a list of things you may like to consider when making your next move. This is just a guide to help make things a little easier, for more informaiton, you can download some helpful PDF documents from the AFRA website, we’ve also provided links to them directly here on this page on the right.
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1) Wash and dry all dishes for packing.

2) Decide what items you want packed together, for example all your linen, or children's toys, and group these items together for the removalists. Linen can also be handy to pad out boxes.

3) Check all your drawers and remove any heavy items, liquids or breakables. Clothing and non-heavy items can be kept in drawers – there is no need to pack these separately.

4) Remove all food from your refrigerator and freezer – if it is a must kept put it in an esky which should be transported in your own vehicle. Defrost both compartments and wipe the interiors dry, then leave them for 24 hours to air. Pack your refrigerator shelving and crispers separately.

5) To prepare your washing machine for removal, disconnect from the water supply.

6) If you have a waterbed that needs to be moved, it should be drained and the base dismantled. Once again, check with your removalist for details.

7) Ensure final readings are completed for electricity, gas and water meters.

8) Make a final check of all cupboards and storage areas to ensure nothing has been left behind.

9) Plan your moving day so that you're sure of what is your responsibility and what will be your removalist's responsibility.

10) Leave aside a box of essential items (survival kit) that you will need on the day of the move or shortly after arrival at your new premises. These may include medications (inc Panadol), activities for your children, kettle, mugs and coffee and cleaning equipment.

For useful documents downloadable directly from the AFRA website, simply click on the links below:
pdfChoosing a removalist
pdfCode of conduct
pdfPacking & unpacking
pdfPlanning your removal
pdfIneligle items for removal
pdfPet transportation
pdfDo’s & dont’s
pdfCommon questions
pdf12 important reasons to use an AFRA member


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