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We’ve put together a list of things you may like to consider when making your next move. This is just a guide to help make things a little easier, for more informaiton, you can download some helpful PDF documents from the AFRA website, we’ve also provided links to them directly here on this page on the right.
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1) Do a quick walkthrough with the removalist so we know exactly what is and isn’t going.

2) Tell the removals crew what items you will need first on your arrival, as they will pack these items last for transport.

3) DO ask questions if concerned but trust us – We are experienced professionals.

4) Arrange for any small children (and pets) to be kept out of the removalist's way.

5) Be on hand when the removalists arrive. If you can't be there in person, please arrange for someone to take your place.

6) Check that nothing has been left lying around in your garden.

7) Ensure that everything has been packed according to quotation.

8) Remain on the premises until everything has been packed and loaded for transport. It is your responsibility to ensure nothing is accidentally left behind.

For useful documents downloadable directly from the AFRA website, simply click on the links below:
pdfChoosing a removalist
pdfCode of conduct
pdfPacking & unpacking
pdfPlanning your removal
pdfIneligle items for removal
pdfPet transportation
pdfDo’s & dont’s
pdfCommon questions
pdf12 important reasons to use an AFRA member


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